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Posted in Uncategorized on October 22, 2008 by spiebocks

I had a macroeconomics exam this morning, tough, yes, surprisingly so. And, yes, finishing an exam last week to study for this exam and walking out of the exam today knowing I now have to study for next week’s exam is a bit stressing. But, it’s okay, I’ve had a moment of peace just now. Walking home with a classmate, discussing how disappointed we were about our performance (though the professor assured us we weren’t really meant to finish the exam) I couldn’t wait to get home and finish solving the questions. But, I got home and simply laid down. My mind didn’t haze over in lethargy but reached clarity with a rapid, sequential analysis of people I had interacted with (in some form) recently.

I recalled exchanging smiles with a young lady riding her bike to class up the hill behind my apartment complex and wondered where her mind was at. Was she challenging herself to a new personal best biking time up the acclivity? Worried about possibly leaving the stove on after breakfast this morning? Replaying events that unraveled the day, week, month before? Or just stuck in beautiful free association.

I recalled the man with a fast walking pace that didn’t bother waiting for the traffic lights to tell him “it’s okay to cross the street”. Why was he in such a hurry? A meeting, perhaps? Was he just trying to walk with a purpose because that’s how we should all walk (traveling aimlessly is for dreamers anyways)? Maybe he was caught in an idea and was keeping time the evolution of his thought process.

I don’t know the answers, but I know I haven’t bothered to concern myself with such thoughts for a few weeks now. I know, that as I thought of these people (and of others), as I thought of what drove them I left the self-prescribed calamity of Me and was at peace.

If a computer can be reformatted, have it’s system files changed, why can’t we


Random – 2

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Of all the questions to be answered and those yet to be asked, why do people waste time with such nonsense.

It occurred to me, just now, as I lit a cigarette that I meant to quit last month. I’ll go buy those damn quit smoking patches today.

Ever since the Hippy claimed her love for Neuroeconomics and regaled me with tales of it glory, I’ve kept a passive eye on new developments. I heard this while driving around aimlessly at 5 in the morning.

I’ve been waiting for things to get difficult in the PhD program. By no means is the material currently easy, but the stress and difficulty is no where near that experienced during the Summer ’06 Program. As a result, I have been getting lazy. I wake up at 9am on Mondays and Wednesdays for my 9:30 Macro class and go back to sleep because I know I can manage the problem sets without attending. I think, however, this week may very well be the turn; midterms are coming up mid-month, problem set intensity is rising, and the theory in some classes seems to have been addled by the deadly compound known as “counter-intuition”. Being in the same situational funk, Fred and I have discussed this recently – heads up homie, fun times ahead.

It’s Been A While

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It’s been a while since I ventured to this blog. During this time, I found God (and lost him), graduated (somehow, someway) from the MA, enrolled my life away into a PhD program, and started and stopped a few other blogs.

Additionally, I laughed too hard, became infatuated again and again, had too many moments of silence, drank too much, smoked too much, began writing letters, stopped writing in my personal journal, gained a few friends (and lost a few), and – recently – became infatuated with Macroeconomics.

I guess I will restart this blog and try to keep it alive. Time is not really my own now -as any first year will tell you- but on nights like these, when I’ve stared at equations long enough for my mind to fall away into memories, I will write.