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The Aftermath

Posted in Uncategorized on August 23, 2009 by spiebocks

Comps are done, for now, and I find myself fortunate enough to not dwell. My classmates, however, are not so fortunate and while this perturbs my descent into relaxation it does not halt it.

This ordeal made me realize:
(1) that the process was as strenuous as i was warned it would be.
(2) how insignificant the material from my MA was (except for Taylor’s class).
(3) that while inhumane, comps are important.
(4) I sold my soul to e-konomicks and got nothing real in return.

The first post-comp days were uneventful and beautiful. This past Wednesday was the first day I felt fully relaxed. Sadly, this feeling didn’t last long as

(1) Not having deadlines bugs me and I find myself wanting to do something productive.
(2) I opened mail from doctors/hospital that I received 3 weeks ago and found out I owed an additional $3,200 for my operation in February (after insurance). Here I was, all this time, thinking I only owed $600… but that’s life. On Monday, I begin my battle with United Health Care and Prince Georges’ Hospital.
(3) Everyone and their mother is traveling/having babies/getting engaged(married)…except for me and I’m starting to feel left out. As a result, I am currently developing an efficient stratergy which will include me traveling to 3 countries, fertilizing 4 females, and marrying 2 (not necessarily any of the fertilized 4) within the next 2.75 years.

…yeah, Wednesday wasn’t the best of days but then I heard some jazz in a fancy museum on Thursday and I remembered life was good because I could still enjoy music.


* I’ve always had a thing for Cat Power.

* Some a-Capella videos I can’t get enough of:
(1) Stand by me
(2) Bohemian Rhapsody
(3) Facebook Stalkin’

*I am perpetually obsessed with singing talent shows. These are a few that have caught my eye recently, in order of awesomness:

(1)Great Performer and a song i haven’t heard in too long
(2) Old School song; these guys are so good it’s disgusting
(3) the new jackson family
(4) Surprising, I wrote her off immediately
(5) ain’t no mountain high…
(6) This is just funny

*Cool Photos I’ve come across recently:
(1) Meltdown
(2) Spiral Staircase

*Good Reads (WARNING: economics related):
(1) Your FACE – even if you have tenure
(2) Principal-Agent in terms of Mad Men
(3) zombies vs man

*Random Thought: Does being the nicest guy ever preclude me from doing evil? (HINT: nah, son!)