i need a time machine. nothing fancy. i just need something to get me from point C to point B to point A. i have a sudden urge to vacation in a nicer time; maybe June 1st 2007 – the peak of my confidence; maybe May 29th 2003, when words didn’t need to mean anything and intuition was common sense… i dreamt of changing the world for the worse, really it was the only option as everything good had already been done…”I am human, NOT a machine!”, wise words from the ever frantic turk E …tomorrow is a new day, but it tends to be deceptively similar to its predecessor. i’m almost never certain what day i’m living in but my information set {(Mon, Wed); (Tue,Thur); (Other)} is sufficient for survival … I haven’t worked hard enough to earn this exhaustion, and i’m not really all that exhausted unless exhausted == lazy, then i got that shit covered … i’ve lost my words, this happens from time to time … i wish i had some cheap scotch now to help me sleep, write – “quality time” as S calls it. … CB graduated today and interestingly enough when i spoke to him he neglected to mention it. should i be jealous that he gets to enjoy a life away from academia now? … the weather took today as a transition day; hot to hotter, rain to sun. the essence of weather is surely a woman, certifiable … i just spoke to the hippy and her scatter-brained sequence of words scared the shit out of me. how does one give a hug over the phone? … Flume, Lump Sum, Skinny Love, Creature Fear are the songs i can’t really seem to move from these days, Bon Iver knows the soul … guess whose face it is, not mine chump … i need to stop depending on my iphone as an alarm clock … i provided examples of my most recent IA work to H; she could only laugh and challenged me to understand her… startrek was good and i bet it would have been amazing if i had waited to see it on imax … “Stop eating people’s old French fries, pigeon. Have some self respect! Don’t you know you can fly?” … i was looking over some macro notes a few moments ago and came across: “I know this is painful and boring, but that’s life”; words from my macro ta during a recitation. i thought it wise to write this down at the time … to properly rank my options should i not continue on the righteous path of economics i did a bit-o-research; i couldn’t believe the content that passes for a phd these days (specifically in policital science, “decision sciences”, education, glorified MBA’s, health policy, etc; i guess i’d either choose to be a sociologist or be aat peace.


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